Thursday, March 01, 2012

I'm a "Client." Yikes

The Halfwise household has moved from Alberta to British Columbia.  We have to get driver's licenses, and new plates for the cars, and insurance and so forth.  It's mostly government-run here on the coast whereas in Alberta the agencies that handle this are strictly private.

So there we sat clutching our various Alberta documents, watching the knowledgeable young lady work through the handwritten forms (in 2012) and the phone calls to someone in charge of a database somewhere (in 2012) and the questions about our driving records.  What takes 20 minutes in the privatized province next door took 2 hours.

I was asked whether I had ever had a speeding ticket in BC and I answered "probably" because I do indeed recall being pulled over somewhere in the mountains and I did not have any points on my Alberta license as a result, so it must have been BC.

She enters my Alberta driver's license data and brightens right up..."Oh look, you are already a client in our system!"  She then asked about an address which I last occupied in about 1996, which is when the speedin' deed was perpetrated.

Apparently, having violated the Traffic Act makes me a "client."  The word "client" must not mean what I have always thought it meant.


JR said...

Welcome to the left coast, Halfwise! Hope you like the switch.

Halfwise said...

Thanks JR. Lots of reasons for the move, but new elder care responsibilities were at the top of the list and drove the timing.