Monday, January 09, 2012


Coffee is an interesting beverage to brew. There are only a handful of variables:
  • What kind of beans are we using?
  • How coarsely are the beans ground?
  • How consistent is the particle size of the ground beans?
  • How pure is the water?
  • What temperature is the water?
  • Are we using a filter?
  • If so, what kind? Paper or metal?
  • How fast does the water flow through the beans into the pot?

Okay, maybe there are more variables than you might imagine.

Technivorm is a Dutch company specializing in coffee makers that (a) heat water to the right temperature (195 - 200F) and (b) have adjustments to restrict the flow of water through the filter. Most drip coffee makers fail at both of these.

We have one. It makes better coffee than our old drip maker. Better flavour, better to drink.

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