Thursday, January 26, 2012

PayPal remembers, even if you don't want to...

Here is a common question on the Internet:
"How do I delete old shipping addresses from PayPal?"

Answer: You can't. You can spend hours trying to figure out how.

Then call PayPal, and once you get through to a human being, THEY can delete old addresses, but you can't. Seriously.

You can add addresses. You can't delete them. And every stale address that stays there has a chance to be used by mistake when something gets shipped. Everyone that you have ever sent anything to is listed right there, perhaps to your present dismay or embarrassment.

It gets better, at least, it gets more intense. If you link PayPal with its parent company eBay, all those people and addresses from your past show up as eBay shipping addresses too.

And no, there is no delete button that you can depend on.


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