Thursday, May 26, 2011

How to remove stuck spikes from your golf shoes

The shoes that have to carry me around the course need new soft spikes. Of course, when your shoes are new, removing the old spikes is easy. But two years later, the rubber things are worn down, the tiny holes for the wrench are full of something impenetrable and mere mortals can't get the old spikes out no matter what they try.

So my first attempt involved a claw-like spike wrench at the pro shop. This tool dispenses with the two little tips and substitutes a medieval device that grabs the outside edges of your spikes.
No luck.
My second attempt involved the pro shop's industrial strength spike remover. All I managed was to shred some rubber.

My third attempt involved some physics. I put my shoes into the freezer overnight in the hopes that the lower temperatures would both harden the rubber and loosen the grip of the threads.

As if.

So tonight I hauled out the electric drill and deepened the wrench holes, right into the plastic of the old spikes.
Finally the regular spike wrench had something to grip on, and after I wrapped its non-ergonomic handle in the finest of old golf towels and leaned on it, the shoes released their beloved spikes.

Kind of makes you wonder how the darn things fall out, given how hard it is to get them out when you want them out.

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