Thursday, December 30, 2010

A useful response to CO2 Hand-wringing

I saw a friend's post on Facebook the other day that quoted a regional government website from BC:
"Climate change is a complex, multi-year challenge for our region. It is a wake-up call to a system in decline"
All I can say is
"I am enjoying the current interglacial period, which is overdue to end. Don't you think we are going to need all the warming we can get?"
(By the way, note the effortless slide into Marxism implied in the BC position. If the science is settled, for something that hasn't actually happened yet, why is the policy response based on a philosophy which has been proven an utter failure?")

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JR said...

In my experience, nearly every bureaucrat at the CRD (my former regional gov’t) has gulped the Kool Aid.

And you’re right about the “... effortless slide into Marxism implied ...”. You gotta wonder where they find the people who write this stuff, not to mention the ones who OK it for publication.


But have a Happy New Year!