Saturday, January 23, 2010

Daily Planet Climate Change Silliness

When Discovery Channel makes the video available I will post it, but I have to comment on what I saw last night.

In a segment (starting at 4:50 of the clip after the ad) we learn how a southern variety of flying squirrel is extending its territory northward towards where a northern variety lives, an earnest researcher explains how "climate change" has led to warmer winters that enable this expansion. Then we see the research team trapping the southerners to implant a tracking chip. Finally we hear that the colony of flying squirrels has to huddle together in their nest because if even one leaves, the rest could freeze to death.

So global warming puts flying squirrels who are leaving their regular territory at greater risk of freezing to death. Makes sense to somebody, I am sure.


TonyGuitar said...

Yup. The science is indeed settled.. if global warming continues at this pace we are all likely to freeze to death.

Halfwise said...

Seriously, that is the message that both the host and the researcher try to convey...that animals have to adapt to global warming by learning not to freeze to death.