Saturday, January 16, 2010

Blackberry Texas Hold'em Poker Tips

The world does not need more solitaire games for our computers and handhelds. Nonetheless, they exist. If you liked this blog's tips for Spider or Brickbreaker, you might like my tips for Blackberry Texas Hold'em Poker.

First, I am not a poker player, but somehow I have managed to accumulate over $8 million on my Blackberry, playing Hold'em, in the past three months. That qualifies me to teach you nothing reliable about playing real poker, but perhaps something useful about playing on your 'Berry.

I win about 40% of the time that I buy in to a game, and since the payout is about 10-15 times the buyin, the money adds up.

If you play poker for real, you will probably laugh at these tips. Hey, it's a computer game...real people would learn from your habits, but the opponents in the game do not. So you can figure out what beats them, and keep doing it.

Here are some tips, in fairly random order, some dazzlingly obvious.
  1. Call most hands, if no one before you has raised. Think of it as an ante.
  2. Be nimble and ready to fold if the betting gets crazy and you have a weak hand.
  3. Play any hand with a face card in it and a small pot.
  4. Play any pair with a small or medium pot.
  5. Play any suited connecting cards with a small pot.
  6. Most opponents with small pairs bet them aggressively.
  7. When you are head to head with the last opponent, raise every hand and they will usually fold. If they re-raise, be prepared to fold because they hardly ever bluff.
  8. When you are the big stack, bet aggressively and others will fold.
  9. If you do #8 and find yourself to no longer be the big stack, do not panic. You can be cautious and get back into the lead.
  10. Opponents seem blind to the risk of losing to a flush draw. If you have a flush, build your bets through the flop, turn, and river, sizing your large bet on the river to wipe out at least one competitor.
  11. Pay attention to everyone's cards when the hand is over, and look at what people are calling with and betting with.
  12. Always expect face cards in your opponents' hands.
  13. Have fun, have a life.
  14. To enter a large bet, press the T key on your keyboard and the number pad will spring to life. Enter the dollar amount, then press the little pearl twice.
  15. Learn something about your own temperament by thinking about what makes you lose at this game, if indeed you lose at this game. Stubborn? Impetuous? Not smart when drinking? Games can be rehearsals for real life...


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Anonymous said...

Hong Kong Harry says....agree all of that, I play all the time on the bus etc and have got over 12m...but some of it is cheating!! If you play for the first time and win you should have more than 10k. Come out of casino floor and buy 10k for world series, the game will give you $1m !! play first hand, escape out and quit, lo and behold, 1m in the bank!! Thanks a lot the T key clue, this is how I found your stuff searching for that, using track ball endlessly when you playing a game with 100k starters drives you mad and you have to hope someone else does a big bet if you have a good hand!!

Generic Cialis said...

Good tips, I'm going to try this tips later on the night.

ak47 said...

came out from world series means you give up, the $10K would be gone. Maybe the bug was fixed in the mean time...

Bored in meetings said...

Easy way to slowly gain infinite money.

1: Bet 25% of your money to start with regardless of you hand. If anyone raises, fold.

2: Regardless of the flop, go all in. Probably 70% of the time you'll be left with two computer hands who will both fold.

3: Assuming you win, exit the game, restart the highest stakes table you can with the lowest seed money you can.

So typically, I play the 20k to 100k table, bid 5k, wait for flop go in all in. 60% of the time or so you win 12k from two players who went against you and fold.

Then I pocket the 12k and restart with 20k. By always staying at the minimum, if you lose a hand when the computer calls, you still have plenty of seed money left.

I probably lose 75% of the hands that are called against me, but then the ones I win I make 20-40k.

This strategy can be improved slightly by waiting 2-3 hands to get a better start hand to increase your odds of winning if someone calls on you, but it works for me without paying any attention to the cards.

If you do wait 2-3 hands make sure there isn't a guy with a monster pot of money or he'll call against you. If that happens simply restart.

This strategy is fairly effective in tournaments as well, of course you have to play somewhat seriously at the end, but you can selectively use this to eliminate a great amount of the pot of players early and build a huge pot to slowly pick off everyone else.

Halfwise said...

Bored I.M...
Thanks for stopping by! Those approaches will work well.

The most important distinction in bBerry poker is that the opponents don't learn, while we learn what works and what fails. Once you figure out a couple of usable techniques just keep applying them.

Learn poker said...

Wonderful post. If you keep these basic Texas Hold'em poker tips for online play in mind, it will help you avoid making more mistakes that will lead to more losses.

Pete said...

Thanks for the T-key hint, I can't think of how many times I just bet less than I wanted to because I got tired of scrolling xD

The psychology of the players is indeed not hard to get trough, that's what makes this a little bit more fun sometimes than real life poker :D

steve f said...

I am not an online poker player but I agree with most of the tips offered up and have managed to amass a poker bank account of almost 300 million playing world series blackberry poker over the last 4 months.I hope to crack the billion dollar mark by around feb march.

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With the number of points you accumulated on your Blackberry Texas Hold 'Em Poker, perhaps you are now a good player! Your tips are keys to winning sure points.

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