Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Walk through this excellent summary

The world of climate science is a complex one. So when someone writes a lucid and insightful guide to thinking your way through the whole Anthropogenic Global Warming debate, and summarizes the key decision points and hold-for-further-investigation points, it is worth devoting 10 minutes of your life to.

I have found such a guide, on The Devil's Kitchen. Whatever your views on AGW and the environment, the science or the policy responses, I ask you to suspend your prejudices and read through. Read CRUdGate: Why this can't be swept under the carpet.

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JR said...

That's an outstanding presentation. Looks like a heck of a lot of work went into it. I hope the P-G folows through on the suggestion that he put together a YouTube video to get max attention.

I also liked his explanation for why the MSM is ignoring the issue.