Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pay others to take your job away

Imagine a policy where politicians willingly, in the name of "controlling" "climate change" use your money to:
1) Subsidize a foreign takeover of a viable business in your country

2) Close that business down
3) Transfer the 1700 jobs associated with that business to a foreign country

4) Remove not one ounce of CO2 from the atmosphere in the process.

As a taxpayer, or better still, a now-unemployed taxpayer of that country, would you feel you were doing your part to save the planet? Based on what?

This is reality for the workers at Corus Steel's Redcar plant in Teesside, England. While the Redcar plant was efficient, the lure of up to £1.2 billion in carbon credits (paid for by you and me, dear taxpayer and consumer) was just too much for the Tata group and so Redcar is to be closed.

Presumably all levels of once-great Britain's government smiled in pride at the sacrifices made by the smoggies of Teesside. Well done, lads!

One can only shake one's head and wonder how the madness ends.

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