Sunday, December 13, 2009

Oedilf and Limericks

The Omnificent English Dictionary in Limerick Form attempts to define the English Language using, naturally, limericks. Why wouldn't they? Wouldn't you, if you'd thought of it?

A few years ago I submitted something lame to OEDILF (which they astutely have chosen to not publish) and thereby got onto their mailing list. Today I received a note from OEDILF asking whether I was still alive, and that act of kindness moved me to generate something on our favourite new topic, Climategate.
Climategate emails have peeved
Both the sceptics and those who believed.
Much ink has been spilt
About CO2 guilt.
Some are asking now, "Were we deceived?"

Your limericks and comments are, as always, most welcome. Even yours, PKD.


PKD said...

Why should I bother Half?
Everyone else has done such a great job already!

Halfwise said...

Bask in the limelight PKD. You could use a break, the way things have gone in the past month.