Friday, December 18, 2009

Facts & Predictions re Copengeld

As the Copenhagen summit (mercifully) stumbles to its conclusion we should be grateful that so far, little real money has been spent. Symbolic gestures should be made only with symbolic resources, not real ones. Nonetheless, there seems to be some political will to ship large amounts of money around the world for no real benefit. Here are some facts and predictions regarding how much of this political will translates into action:

Fact 1: Governments of developed countries around the world are increasingly strapped for cash. Prediction 1: The realities of demographics and the relentless growth of bureaucracy combine to grind government finances into finer powder. No extra money will be available.

Fact 2: A cold hungry populace is not as cooperative as a warm well-fed populace. Prediction 2: Look for some counter-vailing force to emerge fuelled by growing reaction to Climategate, UN malfeasance and greenie extremism. A mainstream media channel will both aid and profit immensely by this.

Fact 3: We are in the midst of ongoing debasement of currencies and a continuing developed-country currency crisis. Prediction 3: These will provide justifications for amending commitments to the Copenhagen wealth transfers, and if large sums do indeed get committed as a result of Copenhagen, eventually all foreign aid, even existing programs, will be re-labeled as Copengeld.

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