Sunday, December 13, 2009

Edmonton breaks record cold temp 2 years running

If it's cold, it's just weather. Only record high temperatures signify climate change, we all know that. But today the weather at Edmonton International Airport was -46 C, fully 10 Celsius degrees colder than the record low for Dec 13. And that record low was set last year. Clearly the warming is "worse than we thought".

Any sign of Urban Heat Island effect? Well yes, now that you mention it. The temperature downtown was -36.5 C, breaking a record going back to 1882. Is the weather office taking 9 degrees off urban temperatures to correct for UHI? Somehow I doubt it.

Cold enough to freeze the nuts off the High Level Bridge.


JR said...

Wow, -46 C!

"Cold enough to freeze the nuts off the High Level Bridge."

Ha! No doubt you need a good sense of humour to get you through an Edmonton deep freeze.

Simon said...

Glad i was out of the City for that one!!! Brrrrrr