Monday, September 07, 2009

Brickbreaker one more time

The old Blackberry 8800 died and I have been equipped with a new Blackberry Bold 9000.
Naturally I needed to check out whether Brickbreaker still looked and worked the same. It doesn't, so those who relied on the following links on this site to improve their games probably have something to complain about:

Brickbreaker Level 16
Brickbreaker Levels 1 - 17
Brickbreaker Levels 18 - 34
More Brickbreaker Tips
Brickbreaker Addicts

Here is what I observe to be different in this version:

1. The ball is much smaller
2. There is more space on the right side for the ball to sneak through between a silver brick and the right side wall. Aim for this and it will help you, but allow for the ball to sneak through coming back down, too.
3. There is a bit more randomness in where the ball goes when you launch it at each level

4. My tips for Level 8 do not work reliably. Actually they don't work at all.

5. Level 13 really benefits from aiming at the bottom right of the silver bricks and letting the ball slip up and through.
6. Level 26 is a killer, but if you happen to get a GUN from one of the upper level bricks, take out the two silver bricks at the left edge of the upper coursel.

I would be most grateful for your thoughts and observations about how Brickbreaker varies from one generation of Blackberry to another. Comments are always welcome!

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