Thursday, July 09, 2009

Temperatures in context

Plenty of reason to ask "why the rush" to cripple the global economy with carbon taxes...


JR said...

Watt would we do without WUWT?
I like that Wikipedia line that the MWP was "a time of warm weather".

It's not much wonder that the warmers are so anxious to "get rid of the MWP".

Talk about deniers - though they're more like liars.

Halfwise said...

Wikipedia is a tough place to find unbiased views on "climate change".

There are so many uncertainties around the whole AGW issue. If the temperatures are rising, and if the rise is unusual, and if it is caused in part by CO2, and if the CO2 is manmade, and if it is a bad thing to have higher temperatures, and if we don't need the higher temperatures to counter a cooling trend, and if it won't stop by itself, and if we can't adapt more effectively than we can reverse it, we should do something dramatic. Too many conditional statements in there, with too much unknown causality, for me to get on board the worry train.