Sunday, June 07, 2009

The quality of potatoness

The quality of potatoness is not strained.
It extrudeth, as a Pringle pushed from heaven,
Upon the place beneath. 'Tis form'd and baked.
It taxeth him that sells and him that takes.

(Sorry, William Shakespeare. But when one reads about the "quality of potatoness", what should one do?)

Pringles has been declared a "Potato Crisp" (= "potato chip") in England, exposing it to value added taxes whose accumulated deferral amounts to over $160 million, according to the New York Times.

Procter & Gamble's lawyer attempted to argue that Pringles, being less than 50% potato flour, lacked the full "quality of potatoness" that characterizes Potato Crisps, and should more correctly be considered a savoury snack, and hence not subject to the Potato Crisp tax.

What was the Pringles tag line when they were introduced? "Pringles, the new fangled potato chip" P&G, take your medicine, pay the 15% additional tax, and brush up on how to act with integrity, already.

Trivia footnote from the Wiki article: the designer of the Pringles can, one Fredric J. Baur, was cremated and his ashes were buried in a Pringles can.

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PKD said...

I think P&G we're trying to claim it should be classed as a cake!