Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 Things Obama does not know, but should...

Because if he and other world leaders did, they would not be meddling where they can do only harm:
  • #1, The economy is not a machine, it's an ecology made of unimaginably complex biological organisms, meaning people.
  • #2, Models. There is no single economic model, like there is in Newtonian physics. Obama probably does not realize his advisors are giving him conflicting advice because they have different models.
  • #3. Velocity. The speed at which money changes hands is dependent on emotions.
Take 10 minutes and read the whole thing.

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JR said...

Excellent article. And with a little reworking it could easily apply to his administration's meddling in and understanding of climate change, models, etc.

#3. Velocity. The speed at which other people's money is thrown down the climate change black hole is dependent on emotions.