Thursday, April 09, 2009

The rules must have changed

Let's see:
The US EPA is en route to declaring CO2, a naturally-occurring trace gas essential to life, a pollutant.

John Holdren, chief science advisor in the US, is en route to declaring that pollutants (in the form of aerosols and particulates) are now essential to combat warming.

Nothing odd about this, is there? Fortunately all those unregulated new coal plants in China will provide us with a cheap source of particulates.

But there is more:

Cooler temperatures, which cause more weather-related deaths than warmer temperatures and lead to lower crop yields and food shortages, are preferable to warmer temperatures, and people are being asked to pay more money for power, while using less electricity, in order to bring us to this cooler state.

And according to the NSIDC polar region ice coverage is apparently threatened with melting by temperatures in the minus 10 to minus 25 deg C range because the ice itself is not old enough. The fact that ice coverage is growing compared to the 70-year lows recorded in 2007 is not relevant.

I can only conclude that it is time to be very worried indeed. Essentials are now pollution, pollution is now an essential, expensive and dangerous discomfort is good, and minus 20 C is warm enough to melt ice.

And "scientists" wonder why we don't give them more power...

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JR said...

Amazing. You couldn't make this stuff up. If the likes of John Holdren is an example of one of Obama's more 'successful' appointments methinks we're headed for deep doo-doo.