Monday, April 13, 2009

I had no idea how doomed we all are...

Check out this list of the dire consequences of global warming. 598 bad things!

The predicted shortage of beer concerns me. Who knew that atmospheric conditions that would lead to both higher humidity and better plant growing conditions could threaten the production of a staple of life made from water and plants?


JR said...

That's quite the list! Now if some one would produce a list for the effects of no change and another for global cooling maybe we could decide which we prefer.

Halfwise said...

As long as we can control things, I will put my order in for showers overnight rather than during the afternoon.

Interestingly, the AGW crowd has concluded that all unwanted species will thrive as a result of climate change, whereas all desirable species will be threatened. It is part of the catechism. Interestingly, if the climate cools, the same pattern will apply.