Friday, March 20, 2009

Global warming? What's wrong with calling it Climate Change?

You might as well point at the night sky and try to get everyone stirred up about Lunar Change.

Climate changes. That is what it does, in recurring cycles. Once again, we are in a cooling phase. Personally, I preferred warmer weather.


PKD said...

...or - still the 15th warmest year on record half - despite the natural cooling cycles we are in.

Halfwise said...

Hello again PKD and welcome back. May I call you Peak for short?

Little attention has been paid to the quality of the measurements that the published temperatures are based on. After all, what can be so hard about measuring temperatures?

Perhaps spending some time at will put your mind at ease about whether we should be alarmed at "15th warmest on record". Rooftops and parking lots make for mighty poor sites for recording temperature, at least from a data quality perspective. But they sure make up a high percentage of the NOAA measurement sites. There are 3 1/2 times more Class 5 (error greater than 5C deg) than Class 1 stations in the network.

Then there is the pervasive post-facto adjustment of measured temperatures in non-transparent ways, often leading to historical actual measured temps being LOWERED. It is easy to say today's temperatures are higher if you have adjusted old ones lower, isn't it?

Add to the poor quality of existing measurements the widespread disappearance of rural stations in Russia (typically cooler as they are not affected by UHI effects) after the collapse of communism, and frankly, I wonder why any reputable scientist can point to an average temperature figure and claim it is reliable.

Show me a population of Class 1 and Class 2 stations and their temperature trends over time. They exist. When you find them, look hard for the warming trend.