Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blackberry Brickbreaker Level 16 (updated)

Another post on this ridiculous and time-wasting challenge. (The one that we all find so hard to resist)

First, is it so important to you that you have to look on the web to find ways to get through this stupid level? Really? Yeah, well, me too.

Here is the best advice I can give. First, if you did not show up at level 16 with at least 5 lives, don't get your hopes up. manage to score one of three types of bonus pills, namely Gun, Catch or Long. If you get Gun, use it to blast the three bottom centre bricks out. Or leave the middle brick, and take out one on one side and TWO on the other. If you get Long, stay calm and just keep the ball in play. If you get Catch, life can be pretty good. Just stay calm when the ball comes rattling down the side trying to fake you out.

Then try to keep the ball moving vertically up the sides rather than zig-zagging too much. That makes it more effective once it gets inside the bricks.

If you got one of the other bonus pills (Flip, Wrap, Laser, Life, Bomb or Multi) then you will have to sacrifice some lives to have a chance to get through. Do not let the stack drop more than one row before giving up a life and you will have more time. And don't feel too bad about deliberately giving up a life. Chess players sacrifice pawns and pieces to improve their position and their chance of winning. I bet that at any given time in modern society more people are playing Brickbreaker than Chess...

Level 16 can be beaten. I am no genius at this, but I have been through all the levels and gone back around to Level one and run out of lives the second time at Level 16, racking up a bit more than 26,000 points in total. It changed my life. (Note the use of irony in the preceding statement. Actually it just made me mad that all that happens to you in Brickbreaker after going up through all 34 levels is you earn the chance to do it again.)

I have also run out of lives AFTER Level 16, by not sacrificing quickly enough. When a horizontal row of unbreakable bricks sits just above your paddle, life gets difficult indeed.

The second time through, everything moves faster for a while, and the stack begins to drop down very quickly, usually on your second touch of the ball. Eventually it slows again to something that you can cope with.

One last tip. Pausing the game is necessary, so you can do things like eat, sleep and earn a living. Pause the game with the ball in play at the top of the screen. Do NOT pause it between levels or while the ball is on your paddle. Why? Because when you come back after the wrong kind of pause the game will have gone on without you; you can count on only one kind of pause, the kind that happens by exiting the game while the ball is in play. Doing this with the ball at the top of the screen gives you an extra second to get your head into the game when you resume playing.

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