Sunday, November 16, 2008

Record Russian Temperatures?? How about bad Russian records??

On November 10 there was a bit of a flurry when the Goddard Institute of Space Studies released their monthly temperature data, which showed October to be much hotter than anyone expected, especially in Asia and Russia, which were 3 to 5 C Degrees warmer than normal. But by 4 pm that day it emerged that data for September had been used again for October temperatures, and the big anomaly that had been reported with much fanfare simply...disappeared. Fair enough, stuff happens and anyone can make a mistake.

here is an interesting assessment of Russian temperature measurements. It turns out that central heating systems in many Russians cities are truly Central indeed, with a power plant circulating warm water or steam through pipes that feed buildings throughout the city. The pipes are on the surface. The pipes are often not insulated. Can we rely on data from any weather station near such pipes? GISS does. Sounds like a great basis for policy decisions.

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