Monday, July 14, 2008

It's not a conspiracy

Let's think about Anthropogenic Global Warming, and let's distinguish between conspiracy and delusion.

Scientists are thinkers, but they have no monopoly on thinking and they have no immunity from being human. When I studied climatology in the early 1970’s the dominant theme was global cooling, and the peer reviewed papers were quite aligned that it was real and it was all our fault. It was easy to find evidence to support that point of view, just as it has been easy to find evidence to support the AGW view in the last 20 years.

When dealing with complex and chaos-rich systems, frankly, it is easy to find evidence of pretty much any viewpoint one chooses. The fact that the research money for AGW encourages the popular view can not be ignored when one wonders why so much evidence has emerged in support of that view. It is not a conspiracy (there is no evil mastermind behind all this) it is just humans acting human. One can see its parallels in the stock market every day, where valuations of a given company span a range of 200-300% within a year or two.

So my reaction to AGW hysteria is instinctively to push back against ANY centrally-planned response. Why? Because there is too much chaos to get things right, and the central planners will not be accountable in any meaningful way when it turns out they got it wrong.

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