Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It's not about stopping Global Warming

I have been accused in the past of taking things too literally. When I hear "Stop Global Warming" and "Save the Planet" I naturally tend to think I am being asked to Stop Global Warming and, quite soon after, to Save the Planet.

But I am beginning to suspect that this is not what I am being asked, because, frankly, nothing that I can do will either start or stop global warming nor will it either threaten or save any planet, even THIS planet, the one from which I am writing.

No, I am being asked to "Stop being part of a society which engages in things that many of us over here disapprove of although we actually benefit from them every day" and "sacrifice yourself for a higher calling that no one can actually define and whose benefits are elusive if they exist at all".

It's a leap of faith that I am not willing to take. I would rather keep today's economy and today's problems than trade for a third world economy and Lord knows what problems.

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