Friday, June 27, 2008

This is where it all leads to...

Produce Seller Forced to Dump Kiwi Fruit
Found to be 1 mm too small

A market trader has been banned from selling a batch of kiwi fruits because they are 1mm smaller than EU rules allow.

Inspectors told 53-year- old Tim Down he is forbidden even to give away the fruits, which are perfectly healthy.

The father of three will now have to bin the 5,000 kiwis, costing him £1,000 in lost sales.

Speaking yesterday from the stall in Bristol he has owned for 20 years, Mr Down said: 'It's total nonsense. I work hard enough to make a living without all these bureaucrats telling us what we can and can't sell.

More here from the Daily Mail.

(Seems to me he should appeal the ruling based on something to do with the carbon footprint...)

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JR said...

Man! Talk about a bureaucratic dictatorship! That EU rule book must be a mile thick.