Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blackberry's brickbreaker... addictive. If you have played it casually you will find the levels of difficulty increasing as you progress through to level 16. If you can get past level 16 it gets easier, to the point where the player becomes almost a spectator as level 34 approaches. Once you beat level 34 the game resumes at level 1 but the accumulated score carries over, as do the all-important accumulated extra lives.

The pace of play picks up the second time through, but the rest of the game remains the same. Not all bounces off the paddle, nor off the walls, are 'true' bounces, which can mess a person up. I can not tell you what happens the third time through, not having got that far.

I am susceptible to addictive games like this one. I rationalize playing it by reminding myself that I don't smoke any more so I don't take smoke breaks, and that one needs to engage in a different kind of thinking from time to time to improve one's overall thinking. But then again, I can rationalize pretty much anything.

This Blackberry Brickbreaker Website has good tips and only one error (which is caught and corrected in the comments). And this other Blackberry forum is worth reading for the comments after someone asked how to cheat.

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