Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blackberry Brickbreaker Addicts

Wow, this blog has had more traffic from people looking for Brickbreaker tips than anything other than information on Mercedes W123 coupes and sedans. Welcome.

You want to know how to get past Brickbreaker level 16, don't you? That is the least forgiving level in the whole game and the sadists that designed Brickbreaker put it before the halfway point of the 34 levels. How do you get past it?

You'll need some spare lives, and some luck. The top center brick at Level 16 always has some sort of bonus in it and you will find out right away what it is. As usual, avoid it if it is Flip, take the 50 points if it is Laser, take it if it is Wrap or Long, and celebrate if it is Gun or Multi. It's these last two that will make level 16 easier. In the case of Gun, use your three shots to clean out the silver bricks between you and the regular bricks. In the case of Multi, you may be able to complete this level without any drama at all. Just send the balls back up when they come down the sides.

If you didn't get Gun or Multi, your game does not have to end here, although chances are it will. If you have lots of lives, wait until the whole stack shifts down one, or at most two steps, then waste a life to get it to stop there. Repeat the sacrifice as soon as it starts to shift down again.

Comments and suggestions are welcome, as always. Note that there are a couple of other posts on the blog for Brickbreaker; look around, take your time, and stop by again soon.


Anonymous said...

Catch is the best feature for beating level 16.

Halfwise said...

Catch is good if you are lucky enough to have it come up. I think I have seen it on average less than 1 in 20 times, but I don't actually keep track so don't quote me. Most common for me so far has been Life followed by Flip.