Thursday, February 28, 2008

Durchfall und Flitzkacke

In this blog's grand tradition of citing icky words from other languages, I hereby bring you a German word for "diarrhea".
Literal translation: Through-fall.

A German synonym is Flitzkacke. Say it out loud and it is pretty self-explanatory.

Quite the images. Atta go, Germany.


Gledwood said...

Oooo I can smell pooze now, after reading that!!

Gledwood said...

ps perhaps you won't believe this but i actually found you by googling "durchfall" and "blogspot" ~ i wanted an interesting german-language blog... you don't happen to know any, do you..?

i'm trying to learn german and can never find anything decent to read in the language

Halfwise said...

Hey thanks for stopping by.

Wish I could help with the conversational German blogs, but I am way out of touch.

Happy hunting!