Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Collective vs personal

I was hanging around the New Wineskins blog and responded to the latest global warming observation there. I admit that I prefer to read things I am inclined to agree with, and the posting about the record cold temperatures of the last year was just the sort of thing to warm my heart.

Regular readers (hello, you two!) of this blog know my feelings about the AGW fad and its resemblance to a religion. These days, we are supposed to feel guilty about our carbon footprint; the rest of our behavior is not relevant. Our carbon footprint is linked entirely to the fact that we live in a developed society, ie we are consumers of material wealth.

So the collective and the personal have been completely switched. We now must feel guilty about our material lives, because the material world is collective. But we need feel no guilt about our morality, because morality is strictly personal.

Silly me. I always thought that property was personal and morality was collective.

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