Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Best Stock in the World

The perfect common stock would include low risk, with a guarantee the stock could not go bankrupt or become worthless. It would also include a guarantee that new shares not be issued easily.
It would preclude management mistakes and internal financial surprises. There would be no management succession problems or surprises in foreign countries. It would thrive in a growing world economy.
It would be immune from financial and currency upheavals. It would be undiscovered by the great majority of investors. Its value would be misunderstood and under- appreciated. It would be a stock that wasn’t a fly-by-night, and had a long history.
Most of all, it would be cheap, with the potential to multiply many times in value. It would be capable of favorably impacting your financial condition. You can dream of such a perfect stock, or you can just buy silver.
(Read the full article by Ted Butler)


JR said...

You're the second person recently to point to silver as a good investment. So I'm looking into it.

Butler seems to favour holding physical silver. Another, perhaps simpler, approach is to buy Perth Mint Certificates (thru Kitco).

Halfwise said...

But of course, I could just be the blog equivalent of a taxi driver, and when the taxi driver starts talking about what stocks to buy, you know it is time to sell everything... :)

JR said...

Yes. One definitely must do one's own due diligence, toss a coin, cross fingers and say a prayer or two.

Then, when things go right, take full credit for one's own brilliance; and when they go wrong, strangle the cabbie :)