Monday, January 28, 2008

Another funeral, of someone who died before it was time. I wept. My wife is more stoic than I.

I have two things to say about death. One has been said before, by the writer of Ecclesiastes. This musical presentation of Ecclesiastes 3 is quite lovely.

The other musing about death comes as a result of reading Peter Koestenbaum, a philosopher who points out that our thoughts about the deaths of others are quite different from our thoughts about our own death. In Koestenbaum's framework, we have choices about everything until we die.

It prompted me a couple of years back to write the following, titled

"Here So Soon?"

What? Here so soon?

I am startled
that the journey ends HERE;
somehow I thought it would be further.

An odyssey of honor and love
demands wise choices, lived full,
right to the only threshold where
I have no further choice.

May my strides to that unknowable door
leave unmistakable footprints
of the true and highest me.


shaluka said...

Strange how we shut our minds to the inevitable.....would there be a time when we said Here at last and not Here so soon? I wonder! Wonderful poem!

Halfwise said...

Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.