Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lest we forget

It is Remembrance Day, also known as Armistice Day when I was a kid, and known as Veteran's Day in the US, if I am not mistaken.

Any military funeral makes me weep with gratitude. The playing of the Last Post, or even Taps, is enough to puddle me up. I am an army brat and perhaps this sort of reaction is bred into me.

The debt we owe to the generation of our parents and grandparents is unfathomable. We are so precious and self-absorbed these days. Back then, they dropped their pens and shovels and went to war when that was the right thing to do. Nowadays, we pick up our pens and write about how concerned we are about the treatment of minorities in Canada, then object when our forces go to Afghanistan to make a real difference in the lives of a nation of people who were being treated very badly indeed.

If violence never solves anything, as some would claim, then I guess policemen should only be allowed to arrest the willing perpetrators. No one should fight back on his own behalf, never mind on behalf of someone unable to defend themselves. And even if we know someone is going to try to hurt us, we should wait till they start, then try to reason them out of it.

Thank you, every member of our armed forces, past and present. Thank you, their families, who worry and suffer and are around to help put the pieces back together when damaged human beings come back from their missions. God bless you and strengthen you in your daily lives.

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