Sunday, October 21, 2007

245 year old eulogy

Here is a plaque from a Norman church in East Yorkshire, at a town called Burton Agnes. The subject of the plaque was the local lord, I believe, who died in 1761 in his 51st year. What a lovely eulogy. Here it is, with modern spelling.
In a vault near this place are deposited the remains of Sir Clifford Boynton, who modestly chose to fill a private station with Virtues which would have adorned a public one; who in the several stations of Life in which he acted supported in a becoming manner every Character of a tender Husband, an affectionate Parent, a generous Brother, a kind Master, a sincere Friend; was upright in his intentions, humane in his temper, gentle in his behaviour and candid in his Judgment; charitable without Show, devout without affectation, who closed a devout Christian and exemplary life with that calm resignation which Religion alone is capable of inspiring, when it opens to a good man's view the certain and joyful prospect of Immortality.
I especially like the idea of doing privately what would have "adorned" a public image, as well as the idea of someone who is both gentle and candid. All in all, a man to be admired for his humility.

By the way the photo was taken with my little Nokia phone, in available indoor light. I am impressed.

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