Sunday, September 09, 2007

Zero Tolerance

Relax. You may have thought the title portends some sort of rant. Maybe another time.

It's actually the brand name for a line of golf club components. My local clubsmith, Ian, built me a driver with a Zero Tolerance 460 cc head and a skookum green Harrison Titanium shaft that hits 30 yards farther, and straighter, with less effort, than anything I have ever owned. The head has a slight offset so that the slice that occasionally enters my swing is attenuated. In reality I now miss the fairway to the left more often than to the right, because I just can't get used to the ball going so straight and far, so I still line up assuming there will be a slice. It rarely happens, and most of my drives are long and straight. How long? 250 - 260 yards. My old Adams Spin Control driver was 235 at best, 220-230 usually, and not so easy to hit straight.

I think this is a knock-off of a Cobra driver head design. Strongly recommended, especially if you have the chance to have the whole club properly fitted. Ian could have sold me something pricier, with the little adjustable weights for instance, but I am delighted with this Zero Tolerance product. And it doesn't make the horrible rock-in-a-trash can sound that the Cobra makes. Whoo hoo!!

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