Sunday, April 01, 2007

Now THIS is cool

I hate jogging. The only times I have ever sustained any sort of exercise program have been the times that I was competing for something, and I needed to get into shape. The older I get, the fewer competitive athletic situations I find myself in, so the less exercising I do.

When a recent medical suggested that I had strength and flexibility but not enough cardio fitness, I figured I should do something. I also figured that if I didn't leverage my own temperament in some way, whatever the 'something' was, it was likely to be a flash in the pan.

Clearly, this calls for Technology, and plenty of it. Nothing like a good gadget to capture the Halfwise heart and mind.

Enter the Garmin ForeRunner 301. GPS. Heart Monitor. Training Log. Built-in rival to run against me. Cool device, available on eBay. The one I bought had been gently used, and arrived from Winnipeg at a very fair price. So far I have jogged twice with it, and am proud to report that the second time around the route my time was 45 seconds faster, and my average heart rate one beat per minute lower. This is the sort of artificial rivalry that can keep me going for months.

I can even track my running online at as well as on my own system. Compare times, pace, pulse rate, calories burned, lap times, elevation changes, etc etc.

Now Garmin has an even cooler one, called the ForeRunner Edge 305. Whatever gets your motor running...

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