Saturday, April 21, 2007

Doing the math

Water vapour % of Greenhouse Gases: 97%
CO2 % of Greenhouse Gases: 1.9%
CO2 from natural sources: 1.84%
Man-made CO2 (balance) .06%

Let's see now. The change in CO2 concentrations that is caused by man-made emissions is the main factor that is driving temperatures upwards. For a while in the 1940-1975 period CO2 changes couldn't drive anything because temperatures fell while CO2 was rising. But whatever atmospheric anomaly occurred back then won't repeat itself. For sure. Even though we aren't quite sure what that anomaly actually was. Maybe the atmosphere hadn't read the script.

Yep, I'm satisfied. Stop the economy; we have identified the threat to our planet beyond a shadow of a doubt, and we know what we have to do.

I will gladly freeze in the dark, knowing I am saving the planet for my grandchildren.

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