Monday, March 12, 2007

Mass delusion

I am at an industry conference in Australia and can not believe the wholesale acceptance of AGW theory as fact.

Australia is suffering from drought and heat, and so people are eager to find something that will change their bad fortunes. Farmers are suicidal over their current situation, cities are on water rationing and there is no relief in sight.

At the same time, it is recognized that China is opening a coal fired power plant every week for the next three years or so, and the Australian response is that they need to cut back so that the undeveloped countries have more headroom to emit increasing CO2. No one appears to be doing the math, that basically every developed country in the world will have to stop emitting CO2 in order that the net amounts remain unchanged.

Hopelessly uninformed. Today's sessions included the obligatory polar bear photo (they are endangered, doncha know, even though their numbers are rising) and comments that the next Nobel Prize might well go to an Inuit environmentalist who is hoping to preserve his way of life.

If policy is set by people to whom the facts are available, but who choose to follow their ideology, than we need to find more sensible people to set policy.

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JR said...

Excellent observations. I've just come across a post where the U.K. Channel 4 documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle" video can be viewed. You may have seen it by now but if not it's here at A Dog Named Kyoto.