Saturday, January 06, 2007

Turkey-Free Zone 2.07

Tonight is the latest instalment in the almost annual Turkey-Free Zone event chez Halfwise. We began in 1997, with a post-Christmas potluck whose only requirement is that there be no turkey in the dishes.

Potluck parties have a different dynamic, because the food itself makes a subject of conversation and delight. It's easier on the hosts, of course, and it's full of surprises as new things arrive with each couple.

I bring in a couple of interesting libations to pour down people's throats. This year's finds including Monty Python Holy Grail Ale, and Peat Monster scotch.

This year features the first ever TFZ Drum Circle. I am really looking forward to that, having acquired numerous percussive things for this very purpose.

A full report will follow, tomorrow sometime. Hmmm, later rather than earlier, methinks.

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