Saturday, January 06, 2007

It's more than just language that is declining...

There's an item on the front page of the Globe and Mail, January 4, 2007 edition, about the birth of a grandson of the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Check the terminology used about the newborn's parents. A sentence from the article reads:
"Sacha Trudeau, in a telephone interview from his Montreal home, said he and his spouse, Zoe Bedos, 31, are just "thrilled." The two plan to be married this summer."
Interesting to note that in a major national newspaper, the term "spouse" is now being used to describe the human/biological relationship rather than the social/legal relationship and, by implication, is thus no longer deemed specific to the context of "traditional" marriage.

Personally, I have long favored the term "Pelvic Affiliate" for a live-in bedmate not deemed worthy of marriage. Sadly, this term has not caught the public's fancy.

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