Saturday, January 20, 2007

Colby Cosh on the GW Middle Ground

Consider how many non-catastrophist views are available to a person who is completely, utterly convinced that the Earth is warming.
  • He could conclude, for starters, that it is a good thing on balance; perhaps it's no coincidence that the Medieval Warm Period coincided with the intellectual and economic fertility of the High Middle Ages.
  • He could believe that it is bad for the world as a whole, but good for his own country, adopting a posture of personal or national selfishness.
  • He could look at the climate extremes in the European historical record, still clearly wider than those experienced by any living person, and deduce that mankind will adapt without large-scale organized effort.
  • He could foresee significant pan-global costs from warming, but believe that the available solutions are even more expensive, or that other threats are more urgent.

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