Sunday, December 10, 2006

Spider bites

There are a lot of choices a person can make, in terms of how to use his time. The ones that - in hindsight but not at the time - bother me the most, are the ones that were fascinating but completely useless.

At the current head of my list is Spider Solitaire. I have wasted hours on end playing this fool game. The lack of new postings on this blog is testament to what else I could have been doing.

It's made worse for me when the game keeps score of winning percentages. When I started playing Spider, I worked up to the Difficult level and managed to figure that game out. I quit playing it when I had managed a 16% winning percentage. But I couldn't stay quit, and wasn't happy with 16% either. Lately I fell back into playing and managed 35% over my last string of 100 games. Impressive, except that when you consider each game can take 10 - 15 minutes, that is a big piece of my life gone forever. And the previous Spider binge had been 3oo games.

Yeesh. Other time consumers in the puzzle and game area are FreeCell and Sudoku. I rationalize this as being good for my brain. It's true, just not good for my life.

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