Saturday, December 30, 2006

Product endorsements, unsponsored

It's a materialistic world. Buying good things gives us pleasure, sometimes out of all proportion to the relative merits of what we bought over its competition. Careful manipulation of brand image by manufacturers makes people feel better about their purchases - for example research shows that car ads are read more carefully by people who just bought the advertised car than by people in the market for that car.

Nevertheless, there are things that the Halfwise household has acquired in the past year or so whose essential goodness delivers satisfaction every time they are used. They are from suppliers who do not advertise much, if at all, so it's not as if relentless advertising has hauled me through my post-purchase remorse into a zone of rationalizing a poor purchase.

Here are my top 5:
  • Ohm Acoustics Micro Tall speakers. Read this review. Enjoy
  • HSU VTF-2 powered subwoofer. Affordable, magnificent, customizable sound down to 25 hz. Read this review. Enjoy
  • VigorFit 3000 Home Gym. Like the infomercial one featuring Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley, only better in every way and only 1/3 the price. Buy one on eBay
  • Industrial Lite folding ladder. Like the Little Giant infomercial one, and again only 1/3 the price. I got mine at Home Depot
  • Creative Zen MP3 player. A gigabyte of good portable sound, the size of a Bic lighter, with tremendous features that put it ahead of better known alternatives
Are there products out there that you are genuinely pleased with? Let me know.

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