Sunday, August 27, 2006

Where to find these

I wrote a while back about being seized by the notion that if I didn't buy THIS CAR, RIGHT NOW, there would never be another one, and I would have missed my chance forever.

This is just my mind being cruel. My friend Randy says that golf punishes the doubting mind, by making doubts come true immediately, on the very shot that provoked the doubts in the first place. But car buying is exactly the opposite. A rookie buyer (me! me!) falls in love with a vehicle, and has to have one. Now.

(Lord, give me patience, RIGHT NOW).

Once the purchase is made, some form of sanity returns. NOW we spend our time on forums and informative websites. NOW we start to amass a body of knowledge from others, things to know about the specific car
we just bought, things to know about the model or series that it belongs to, things to know about project cars in general.

The only thing I wish I had heard before I bought the Benz is the advice of the pre-eminent collector car guy in our office: Buy the one that has had the most spent on it, to the limit that you can afford. Makes sense, because car repairs are never recouped in the selling price. I didn't buy the cheapest one out there, but one of the cars that caught my attention is still for sale, at a price far higher than I felt like paying, but at a price that is lower than what I've committed so far, even before the engine rebuild.

Anyway, if you want to know where other 280ce models are for sale in North America, you could do worse than checking out the following links,

  1. Any Perhaps there is a global way to search all Craigslists, but I don't know how. Pick one in an area where cars last a long time, typically Arizona or California. Coastal BC is another one.
  2. This and most other links are easy to set up for repeated searching. Just enter "280ce" in the keyword field in the search engine, and hit enter. Next time you visit the site, double click on the keyword field and your previously used keywords all pop up, saving you the trouble of re-entering them.
  3. and Autotrader are affiliated but the content is slightly different.
  4. The site consolidates the Canadian newspaper ads from the Canwest chain.
  5. always has interesting vehicles
  6. eBay often has a listing or two. I also use eBay to research actual selling prices by searching Completed Listings.
  7. Benzworld has a marketplace forum where cars come up for sale. And in the W123 forum there are occasional sightings of interesting cars for sale, with links provided by forum members.
What have I learned from all these postings? Probably that I paid a fair price for my car, that people want anything from $1000 to $11,000 for these coupes, and that had I not bought the one that I did, there would have always been another one. But you couldn't have told me that two months ago...

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