Monday, August 07, 2006

Frickin putter...

I played golf today, for the first time in weeks. Here's some good news: check out Swing Machine Golf for a really different, simple approach to the golf swing. I bought the book last year, and the video this year, and the guy teaches a simple, reliable and powerful way to hit the golf ball straight. Even if you don't practice or play much, like Halfwise, f'rinstance. Tee to green I was pretty respectable today.

What he doesn't teach is putting. Last year I woke up from a nap right in the middle of a golf infomercial for a newfangled putter. I bought it. Name will be suppressed (for about 3 seconds), but if anyone wants to buy it for way less than the infomercial price it's one of those Guerin Rife Two Bar jobs with the adjustable weights and I'm ok with selling it. Why? It's actually better than my old putter, EXCEPT WHEN I DON'T PRACTICE. I have played a zillion rounds with the old one. I have played maybe 5 rounds with this new one. Can I putt with it when I don't practice?


Golf. What a great game.

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