Monday, July 24, 2006

Surgery required

Al the mechanic has prepared his diagnosis. Good news - the engine has good compression (but a couple of cylinders are down a bit), and the suspension is good. The bad news outweighs the good, though, as the oil leaks are so many and so bad that the engine needs to come out and be taken apart to fix them. That was something that I knew was possible when I bought the car because it had been sitting for a while.

So naturally I asked about who could do such a rebuild, and Al gave me the name of an old guy on the north side of town, and I shall be delivering SS into his care in August, not expecting to see either Chris (the old guy) or SS for several weeks. During that time he will refurbish the engine, transmission, exhaust system, parking brake and air conditioning.

SS will sit dripping morosely in my garage for a couple of weeks as Chris works through the backlog caused by his hired mechanic taking summer vacation. Then it's over to Chris's for surgery.

I have decided to do this right, which could mean a complete tear-down if necessary
to refinish the cylinders. SS will not run much until the fall, methinks.

While the car is waiting in my garage I will get at the sunroof drains and the seat repair, just to get those out of the way, and perhaps I can have the condition of the body assessed by a professional. The jack holes are looking suspiciously rusty, for instance, and if I want to be able use them I'd better be making sure they are reinforced.

I will also try my hand at odometer repair. I read an account of this at and concluded that the worst that could happen is a car that is not running, whose odometer is not working, could become a car that is not running, and whose odometer has been removed and either discarded or set aside in small, ungovernable pieces. There are worse outcomes.

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