Sunday, July 23, 2006

One man's opinion...

Doesn't the situation in Lebanon seem full of inconsistencies? From a Canadian perspective, it bothers me greatly that there were 40,000 or 50,000 so-called Canadians there, holding dual citizenship and complaining bitterly about how long the Canadian government took to get them out of a country of which they are citizens by birth.

Hezbollah took over the southern part of Lebanon, and established itself openly as a military force outside the control of the Lebanese government, and attacked a neighboring country. Not a new story, and Hezbollah (meaning the "army of God") denies Israel's right to exist.

If a person chooses to vacation in Hezbollah's territory, he or she should do so with eyes open. But it's worse: the 40,000 Canadians in Lebanon aren't there on vacation, by and large, they LIVE there. The Canadian passport is just a convenience, a ticket to another place to live if the Lebanon gig goes bad. They aren't paying taxes in Canada, they just hold Canadian passports because it's handy, an escape hatch. Show up in Canada after not being here for 10 years and we'll pay your health care and find you a place to live and all that stuff. I bet 85% don't pay Canadian taxes or even vote.

But if the Canadian government is too slow to show up, or the boat is crowded, or the ocean is rough, then it's off to the nearest reporter to complain about the shabby treatment. The reporters aren't digging into the story at all, either, to find out the relationship between these people and Canada.

If running the country were left to the most-quoted people in our society, Canada would degenerate into the world's doormat.

Israel, on the other hand, knows that it has to take care of itself. I could suggest that bombing airports or power plants is a bad thing, but surely it is a matter of opinion as to what constitutes an appropriate response when attacked by the Army of God whose objective is to wipe you out. This conflict won't go away until the Arab world accepts Israel's right to exist and polices itself when extreme Arab factions attack Israel. Until the Arab world shows that it is willing to protect Israel, no one should criticize Israel for protecting itself, however it sees fit.

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