Saturday, July 22, 2006

Isn't CarFax cool?

I took a month's subscription to CarFax and ran the VINs of every car in the Halfwise fleet, and some that I've owned or come close enough to owning that I had the VIN. SS came through just fine. The other coupe in the lower mainland has at least 80,000 more km than the odometer shows, and consistently failed the Air Care inspection in the 1990s. In addition, the guy who is selling it today is claiming about 10k less mileage than it had two years ago. There were other reasons that I had steered clear of buying from him, and this just confirms them. $25 well spent. Got any VINs you need run? Let me know, as I have a couple more weeks left on the subscription.

The Motor Sofa is fine, as is Mr. M. The solid little Sentra that I bought for my mother-in-law last year actually has 100,000 more km than the odometer said at the time, but right there on CarFax is every dealer service event the car had for 10 years, which is of some consolation because the car was clearly taken care of. Nissans that I have owned in the past have run well into the 260s, and this one seemed solid when I bought it and passed all kinds of inspections, but I doubt I would have bought the thing had I known its true mileage. Heck, ignorance CAN be bliss.

But running the CarFax report cured me of wanting to head down to Vancouver to buy that other coupe. It's still for sale, just $2500 according to the latest ad I've seen. And it already has Euro headlights, so you're at least $250 ahead, if that's the look you want...

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