Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Got one

Announcing the arrival of Silber Schnabel into the Halfwise household. Condition at arrival:
  1. Interior very good (blue leather, no tears, dashboard excellent, carpets good, driver's seat needs some new padding)
  2. Electrical very good, with all windows, sun roof, lights and minor accessories working, but cruise control guilty of independent thinking
  3. Exterior good (no visible rust, original paint, some rust can be found just getting started at base of trunk lid, bottom of doors, right behind rear wheels)
  4. Mechanically strong but needs some attention (oil leak front seal and/or oil pan, a/c DOA, odometer untrustworthy)
Had a great run back from the coast, with the car getting stronger the more I drove. Stopped after 100 miles and had the wheels balanced, which really helped. Reached 160 km/hr passing a semi, cruised happily at 130.

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