Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This is grisly

The most senior British agent to have been exposed for spying inside Sinn Fein was found dead at his remote hideaway April 5 with two bullets in his head, and his right hand nearly severed.

Denis Donaldson was found murdered in the cottage in County Donegal where he had been living since he was exposed as a British spy last December.

The Provisional IRA said in a statement yesterday it was not responsible for killing Donaldson, but suspicion will inevitably fall on the organisation, of which he was a former senior member.

Ian Paisley, leader of the hardline Democratic Unionist Party, said "I have heard his hand was chopped off in this murder. We don't know who has done this, but the finger must be pointed towards those who were angry at what this man had done."

Halfwise comment:
I do wish Mr. Paisley had used some other turn of phrase.

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