Friday, February 17, 2006

Shouldn't there be some kind of consistency?

I like irony as a source of humour and insight into the human condition.

But shouldn't anyone with a strongly-held belief act consistently in situations that parallel that strongly held belief? After all, principles are principles.

Examples: If they were acting on principle...
  • Animal rights activists should all be strongly anti-abortion.
  • Gay rights activists should be vocally anti-Muslim.
  • Supporters of private abortion clinics should be equally in favor of other private medical facilities.
  • People who think it's fine to publish old pictures of Abu-Ghraib shouldn't object to publishing cartoons that might enrage militants and terrorists.
  • Politicians who object to sitting MPs leaving for other parties should also object to sitting MPs joining their parties
  • People who object to politicians switching parties should be equally upset with them leaving their party to sit as independents
  • Politicians who pass laws making company directors accountable for not misleading the public ought to be subject to the same consequences if they themselves are found to have misled the public.
  • People who want Christ kept in Christmas shouldn't go crazy with the materialistic gift-giving thing
  • People who preach tolerance shouldn't be trying to limit the free speech of intolerant people

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