Thursday, February 23, 2006

Japan could cut UN Peacekeeping funds

It's not just Americans who think there's something funny going on at the UN.

The Japan Times reports that Japan could cut its financial support for U.N. peacekeeping operations (PKO) if the world body does not fix its financial shortcomings, particularly in light of a recent report alleging that between $ 265 million and $ 298 million was misused over six years, Ambassador Kenzo Oshima warned Wednesday.

"I feel compelled to say that unless immediate and convincing measures are taken to redress this problem, my government, which currently contributes about 20 percent of the PKO budget, will find it very difficult to maintain domestic support for underwriting peacekeeping operations, both ongoing and new operations, including one possibly in Darfur," Oshima said.

Full story here.

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